About the project

Development of markers for breeding

Project members: Ass. Prof. Ann-Christin Rönnberg-Wästljung

Associated to the project: Dr. Tom Martin

In SAMBA's different subprojects we will identify genes that govern traits important for growth, phenology and resistance using QTL mapping and association mapping. We will select genes of high importance for the trait variation and identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) close to or in the genes. Information about the effect of the SNP, the stability and co-localization with other QTLs will be utilized for decisions regarding possibilities for MAS. The most promising SNPs for each trait will be developed to markers that easily could be used for breeding purposes. The usefulness of the marker should also be tested in breeding material since the markers need to be situated close to or in the gene and show a low recombination between marker and gene to be useful for selection/breeding purposes. The testing of the markers will be done in collaboration with the subproject "Testing and application of markers in breeding". We consider the strategy within SAMBA, i.e. to cover a lot of the variation with several types of mapping populations, different species and also using phenotypic data from different environments and years is advantageous with respect to find the important SNPs. Also the connection with common markers between the different mapping populations, the Populus genome and coming Salix genome makes us believe that there will be good options for finding SNPs that can be developed into markers useful in the breeding populations.


Updated 2016-11-17 |Berit Samils