About the project
About the project

The research project “Salix Molecular Breeding Actions” –  SAMBA3 – started in April 2016 and is a continuation of the former projects SAMBA2 (2011-2015) and SAMBA1 "High and sustainable biomass production of Salix: bridging molecular genetics, ecophysiology and plant breeding" (2007-2011). SAMBA3 is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and the former projects were also financed by The Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences at SLU and the company Lantmännen SW Seed AB. The nursery company Allasia Plant is our collaboration partner in Italy. The project SAMBA runs until december 2017 and has had a total budget of 64.8 million SEK (35.9 MSEK 2007-2011; 24.9 MSEK 2011-2015; 4.0 MSEK 2016-2017).


The project is currently coordinated by Associate Professor Ann-Christin Rönnberg-Wästljung and previously by Professor Sara von Arnold (both at The Department of Plant Biology, SLU).



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